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Tired of the outdated fixtures in your bathroom? Do you need a bathroom that’s more accessible and easy to use? Wesseler Construction LLC specializes in kitchens and bathrooms and can update your bathroom for a whole new look with new sinks, custom showers, walk-in tubs, and more!

Beautifully remodeled bathrooms

Walk-in tubs by Mobility Bathworks

Whether you need new fixtures or need to move or update your plumbing, we have the experience to handle it all.

A solution to your plumbing needs

If you need your bathroom remodeled to be wheelchair-accessible, if you have mobility issues from an injury, or if you want your bathroom to be more comfortable for the elderly, call Wesseler Construction LLC.

We can handle all the ADA work to upgrade your bathroom however you need it. We can even add therapeutic upgrades such as water and air jets and accessories for aromatherapy. Contact us to learn more.

Easy-access and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms

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